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Wish List

Welcome to Scales And Tails Green Iguana, Ferret, Reptile, and Exotic Pet Rescue. Many of our rescues come in with little or no supplies, often leaving us scrambling to put together the correct habitat for them. We have put together a ‘Wish List’ of items we are always in need of for our rescues and fosters. If you would like to help out by donating one or more of our Wish List items, we would greatly appreciate it! (And so would our rescues!)

Scales & Tails Wish List

  • UVB Bulbs – Reptisun 5.0 (any size), mercury vapor bulbs by www.reptileuv.com
  • Ceramic Heat Elements (all sizes)
  • Heating Pads (human or reptile)
  • Lighting fixtures (heat lamp or UVB)
  • UVB Meter (we can dream, can’t we?!)
  • Digital Thermometers/Hygrometers
  • Humidifiers
  • Ferret nation Cages
  • New bedding and hammocks for ferrets
  • gift certificates to www.petfooddirect.com, www.rodentpro.com, and any insect feeder store