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Adoption Applications

Many states and towns require permits to keep exotics. Please find out if your city and state allow the animal, and what permits are necessary. These can usually be found at The Department of Parks and wildlife.

As we do not usually house the animals (except ferrets)– we mainly connect people to our foster homes or owner homes–it is your responsibility to contact the owner AND us if you ever decide to give up the animal. Do not sell or give away the animal before talking to us.

Applications are accepted and reviewed based on the information given. Any information given that is not true is grounds for rejection.

If you’re under the age of 18, you must have a signed parental agreement. If you live with other people (including parents), all people in the residence must be aware of and agree to the adoption.

Once an application has been accepted, we will forward contact information for available animals in your area. We will also forward all application information to those people/shelters.

Please read the adoption process and procedures page before filling out an application.

Please note: It is the responsibility of adopters to provide proper husbandry and care for any animal they adopt. Scales & Tails is not responsible for any injury to humans, other pets, nor any vet bills incurred.

If you don’t see an animal here you wish to adopt, why not check out some other rescues?

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