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May 2010 updates

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Some big changes from 2009-2010 :

 Dave now is officially our ferret shelter dad, he has the adoptables at his home and has custom made them play areas, and free roam ‘caged’ areas.  He has taken over adoptions and surrenders and has gone above and beyond for the rescue.

Larry has the sicker ferrets that need hand feedings, TLC and financial help.

Gail is still liaison for the rescue, and helps with the admin issues.
Meri is our webmistress, south NJ contact

Diane is still our PA contact/foster and help with PA reptile rescues.

Patty screens the incoming/adoption applications, and keeps petfinder up to date.

A big thanks to  kristeen for helping financially, and to set up pet adoption days, organize us and keep us going.
We also appreciate all Metro Ferret has done and continues to do to help us and other shelters in our area.

Summer surrenders.

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Dakota is a little princess, not sure what color she is, but she is ALL ferret. Curious, active and adventurous.


Daphne and Little Bear

Little bear on bottom, Daphne on top.  They love to play and get along great with others.


Furet, he is a little older. Sporting a very nice coat of cinnamon fur, even in summer- but don’t worry he lives in an airconditioned home.

Munson and Little Bear

Munson on top, Little Bear looking up.  Very cute guys!

For the most  updated ferrets at the shelter visit our petfinder listing any time.


Poopapallooza 2008

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This weekend is going to be busy and fun!  Want to help out  shelter?  Want to eat and drink with a bunch of good people?  Want to swim?  If so, come to the shelter July 26th at 12:00 noon with you suit, change of clothes, and willingness to help out.  We will strip cages and clean rooms, and then sit in the pool and eat ’till we decide it is time to crash.  email me at gail@scalesandtails.org for directions or more information.

Yes, we fun was had by all….

May Updates

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This month, we have receivd three snakes:  a ball python and two corn snakes.  We also have had no adoptions, so the helter is filling up.  We have a young derret coming in this weekend, so pictures of all new arrivals to follow

April 22, 2008

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Yesterday was both a good and bad day for the shelter.  Two bearded dragons were adopted, the yellow girl and Rex.  They are going to a great home!  Also, the adopter donated a young leopard gecko for our school, so as soon as he is settled in and eating well, he will be going to a very special classroom.

 For the bad, Bad Beorn Bear passed yesterday.  He was my original Jersey ferret and the reason we opened.  Without him, the shelter would notbe the same.  I got him when he was around 2, and had the honor of being his person for 7 years.  I will miss my boy terribly and am heartbroken.

Other News–Poopapallooza will happen in July.  More news to come when a date is set.  We will have T-Shirts for sale to benefit te shelter.  Well, as soon as they are designed.

Right now, the shelter needs ferratone, nutrical, FerreNation cage sets, newspaper,  amd extra large ceramic food bowls (like 12 inches).  We also could use help with vet bills.

March Updates

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The month of march has been busy! I have had pneumonia and the shelter helper, Dave, has been a blessing! we have gotten in two bearded dragons to join the two we have for adoption.

yellow female

red female

Large light male


We also got in a young uromastyx

Mr. Bojangles

We also had a nice adoption today! Sneaks, Ruby1, Ruby2, and Chandon all found a home!
Ferret adoption

And, our ferret of the month…Flower!


Our reptile of the month…Fat Tailed Gecko

Fat Tail gecko

For more photos of adoptables this month: http://picasaweb.google.com/scalesandtailsnj/MarchUpdate

February Updates

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We have had a busy month! several surrenders and surgeries, as well as lupron shots for the Old Folks group. Also, Patty and I completed the 5 year paperwork for our 501c(3).

Biggest news–we will be a presenter at the November Pet Expo. Her is a picture of our Ferret of the Mont, Chandon, at the Pet Expo.


Reptile of the month–Bearded Dragons!

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Bearded dragons are a very popular pet, and endorsed by us at Scales and Tails! Although we do have a few come through the rescue, we find that these easy going, small reptiles lend themselves to be great pets. Not only do they not get larger than 2 feet (including tail), they are easy-mannered, easy to house correctly, and engaging creatures. Children can handle with ease! Here is a picture of one of our education animals, Citrus. We do have a few beardies available for adoption.


Welcome to the new site!

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Finally, the new Scales and Tails site is here!  All of the links and forms should be working, but if you find a bug please let me know.