A 501(c)3 Charitable Organization


Scales and Tails, Inc. is a registered corpokration dedicated to helping rescue and place ferrets and reptiles. We are located in Succasunna NJ>
Our NJ permit number is PS 23009 and we are a non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation. Donations and sales are tax deductable. To see current adoptable ferrets please click on the link to our petfinder listing

Scales & Tails petfinder listing to see what ferrets we have for adoption >

Who are we? We are a group of pet owners with many years experience with rescued animals. We were doing an informal approach to connecting animals with potential owners, and needed a spot to show the pictures, give information, and allow others to help out! We have found that if people have a regular site to turn to for adoption information and help, that there is a better chance to connect the animal with people. We do take in ferrets when we have room and do direct adoption of ferrets from our home in Succasunna , Morris County area.

WE DO NOT take in reptiles, but help in finding homes through our contacts, petfinder listings for owners and provide education to owners.

We do ask that the owners looking to find new homes for their reptiles be from NJ, Eastern PA or NYC area as when we list on petfinder is by location, the people interested in adoption will be from these areas. We do not ship any animals.

Iguanas are a part of all of our lives. Between us, we have years of caring for and rehabbing herps; veterinary experience; and we all run, own or moderate lists and WebPages dedicated to helping iguanas and other herps. Besides owning and rehabbing herps and other pets, we are dedicated to helping others!

Dave Lohrey  provides financial support, takes in and houses the unwanted ferrets to be adopted ,and makes sure those elderly and unadoptable all have a home. Many of the ferrets are impulse gifts or have typical ferret behavior. This makes them unpopular with their owners as they did not understand the requirements for a ferret! However, once you understand that they are like kittens who never grow up, are smarter than your average pet, and need a lot of attention, ferrets are a fun, outgoing, and highly amusing pet!

Larry Anderson provides financial support and takes care of the sick ferrets that need extra feedings/meds. He also takes his iguana,Igsley to events for education purposes.

Gail is our ferret and reptile person with experience in a wide range of reptiles, past home/ rehabber for Scales and Tails rescues.  Gail, Meri and Diane started Scales and Tails with the reptile/ iguana care, and Patty joined in on the ferret side.

Meri is the Webmistress for Scales & Tails. She has kept reptiles since she was 5 years old, and is still addicted to them. In addition to running the websites and taking care of rescues and her own pets, she also teachers computers to elementary school students. Her computer lab is always home to at least one Bearded Dragon and she tries to educate her students, their families, and her co-workers about reptiles and their care.

Meri has a house filled with a variety of critters – numerous ferrets, cats, reptiles, and a wimpy greyhound.

Kristeen Kohrs is our adoption coordinator, organizer and facebook page administrator.  She has owned ferrets, fostered ferrets and helped start up Scales and Tails. Involved with supporting ferret rescues since 2000 as a board member and long time volunteer for Metro Ferret. She also volunteers with kitten rescue work, and dog rescue.

Patty Kaczorowski  lives in Hunterdon county, NJ.I s VP, updates petfinder, replies to emails,  and does paperwork for the organization.  She  used to have as many as 12 ferrets through rescue work,  But now is owned by 10 yr old twins. She has been involved in rescue and education through Metro Ferret and currently Scales and Tails  for over 18 years.She also has experience with ferret care for over 20 years, and also has cats, dogs, a rabbit,  a bearded dragon,  fish and a rescued RES turtle.