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Surrender Other Reptile

If you have a reptile that you need to place in a new home and would like to have listed on the site, please fill in the following form to the best of your ability. Pictures will help place your animal faster – after filling out the form please email us a picture of your reptile. Be aware that there are MANY reptiles looking for new homes, so it may take a while to place your animal. Reptiles are easier to place if they come with caging, so consider donating your current cage for the new owner. Please note,Scales and Tails, DOES NOT TAKE IN REPTILES, we help by offering to list on petfinder and screen any incoming application to adopt.

Items marked with a * are needed for us to contact you about prospective adopters, but will NOT be posted on the site or shared with other parties.

Please note ifyou are willing to ship your animal if an adopter is too far away for pickup. (Adopters would be responsible for paying any shipping fees)


It may take a few days for us to upload your data to our Petfinder database. Please be patient with us.






Reptile’s Name:

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Lights/Fixtures Included: Yes

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Reptile’s current diet  :

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Please email a photo of your animal to us so we can add it to their listing.

press the submit button one time only. It may take a few
days before someone is able to add your listing to our Petfinder