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Feedback from our adopters/adoptees

June 20th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized

Dave, thank you so much for your kind reply to my plea.  I’ve gotten a few responses, though most from far away, and am going to suss things out and see what I can do to perhaps meet some of these people over the next couple of weeks.  If I get desperate, I will contact you when I am heading up that way, but I will really try not to burden any rescues if I can avoid it.  Still, your kind offer to help brought tears to my eyes and it is sincerely appreciated.  I took at look at your very nice and well put-together website and it appears you have your hands full, as most rescues do – thank you for all that you do for these kids!



Good Morning,


I just wanted to give you the update.  Brent Weaver from Seaport Aquarium came yesterday and picked up Zorak and her enclosure and took them to the aquarium.  I am very happy with how easy the adoption process was and with her new owners.


Thank you for your help and for your wonderful service! 




Heather – posted 6-14-10


Patty, Dave, and Larry,
    I adopted Darth about a year ago, and i just thought you would like to hear that he is doing great.  He and my female, Brembo, were just at the vet for their annual check-up, and vaccinations, and are both in stellar fantastic health!
     I attached a couple pictures of him / them for you.  Thanks again for everything, and hopefully i will be contacting you soon about coming up to visit

Talk to You Soon,

Brandon  posted 5-10

Hi Dave,

            Here are some pictures of mocha, we have nick named her the blur because she’s so quick most pictures are just that…a blur. We love her though and she has turned out to be a fantastic educational animal for our collection. She loves her roommate Ed, and they enjoy there playtime every day. Our volunteers love to give them different things to do, and now that it has warmed up she even gets to go outside and play in our out door playpen. The donation is still in the process, but it is going to be to you as soon as possible. I hope you enjoy the pictures, and just know Mocha is doing great


Thank you again


Samantha   posted 5-18-10

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