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Another successful match!

December 21st, 2014 Posted in Uncategorized

Dear Patty,

I apologize for the lengthy delay in contacting you. I made contact a couple of times. She is a very nice person. We drove over to the end of Rte. 80 where Re 26 begins in NJ. and met XX, her Mother ( who only speaks Spanish), and her son. They obviously really cared for Rango.

She asked me not to change his name – so, we have not. He knows his name and looks at you when you call him. He is a very friendly, polite iguana. He is undersized. You had said that his diet was questionable. We now have him on high -test dark greens, veggies, and fresh fruit (limited quantities). He is getting a lot of UV time and sufficient heat. We believe in free-roaming. He gets what we call ‘tank time ‘ (hangs in the aquarium that Celia sent along with him) between 8:30am – 12:00 noon. This gives him an opportunity to take a ‘poop’. He is then free to head up to the bedroom – where he sits in the window on a warming pad. I keep a humidifier running throughout the day. He then is brought down for the evening to hang out with us in the kitchen area on a warming pad and under a UV light on a tall cat stand. Celia sent along his blanket also (remnant of his previous life) I wash it once a week and he likes to curl up underneath it every night to sleep.

We found out that he has a terrible case of ‘pin worms’. Not the human kind – thank God. He is in the process of de-worming (multiple doses of Panacur. I never had this issue in any of my other iguanas, but have found out that this is a common parasite in green iguanas. We discovered this by examining his feces. He had not been gaining weight as expected. He is looking better already. We are very pleased with the adoption. Rango is getting used to his schedule and our house. It usually takes approx.. 6 months for them to acclimate very much like a cat.

XX said that we are now an extended family. Lol I am planning on sending her more text photos of him. She laughed when I told her that he has rules.

So, I guess I just want to say thank you for your efforts in helping the iguana and us. If I know of anyone looking for a ferret – I will point them in your direction.

Thank you again.


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